People and Places

Rebecca Sorin with Granddaughter Rhoda
Sam Harris, Dorothy (Harris) Pollack, Ivy (Pollack) Levine and Arlene (Harris) Lehner
Bertha (Kaplan) Harris
Michel (Isaac/Ike) Kaplan, Rukhama (Anna) Finkel and Minnie Kaplan
Interior view of Kehillat Israel Balcony
View of Kehillat Israel Sanctuary from Balcony
Kehillat Israel Chapel
Kehillat Israel Sanctuary
Kehillat Israel Mikvah
Chandelier in Kehillat Israel
Wedding invitation for Capt. Leon Malett and Sara Rebecca Harris
Louis Kline
Rebecca Karll Sorin with Rhoda Sorin, llen Sorin, Robin Sorin, and Pamela Sorin
Hilda and Reuben Sorin

David Levine and Philip Wolfe
David Levine and Philip Wolfe

Melvin Factor
Ruth Sorin Rosenbaum at 21 in 1956
Stained Glass Windows in Kehillat Israel
Shenandoah 10 dollar bill
Fanny (Kaplan) and Max Arnoff; Elaine and Ben Supowitz, Charles Supwitz, Anna (Kaplan) Supowitz and Abbey Supowitz; Walt Levi, Sara (Supowitz) Levi and Terry Levi – Passover circa 1950
Left to Right -Unknown Individual, Sam Harris, Bertha (Kaplan) Harris, Max Arnoff, Fannie (Kaplan) Arnoff
Viola and Flossie Supowit
Shenandoah Traction Incline
Book by Sanford Aranoff
Fire at Stief’s (?) Drugstore
Stief’s Drugstore
Torah Cover in Memory of Max (Menachem Mendel) Sorin from Kehillat Israel Synagogue
Coin from Sol Levit Jewelers
Unknowns and Skippy Siswein
Sidney Regelman and Abbey Supowitz with Carl Wolman at Lakeside Park
Painting of Kehillath Israel
J.W. Cooper High School
Shenandoah High School Class of 1951
Town of Shenandoah
Unknown people in Shenandoah
Israel and Sarah (Baden) Krap
Sarah Baden Krap
Left to Right – Sara (Harris) Malett, Bessie (Harris) Apple, Morris/Moe Apple, Mendel Harris, and Allen Apple in 1944
Sam Harris Anne Supowitz Abbey Supowitz Ben Supowitz in front of Harris Bakery
Article re: Sale of the Harris Bakery
Ruth Marateck at Girard Park May 1947
Rhoda Sorin’s Birthday Part at the Hebrew Community Center
Capital Record Store
Unknown Women
Sam,Bertha and Sara Harris circa 1917
Penn Family Seder
Fanny (Kaplan) and Max Arnoff; Elaine and Ben Supowitz, Charles Supwitz, Anna (Kaplan) Supowitz and Abbey Supowitz; Walt Levi, Sara (Supowitz) Levi and Terry Levi – Passover circa 1950
Inside Kehillath Israel Synagogue
Old Photo of Shenandoah
Old Photo of Oak Street in Shenandoah
Old Merchants National Bank of Shenandoah Currency
Morris (Moe) Apple
Mickey Krap with unknown
Emanuel (Mendel) Harris in Kehillath Israel Synagoge
Wedding of Emanuel (Mendel) Harris and Ethel Factor
Emanuel (Mendel) and Ethel (Factor) Harris

Memorial Plaques from Kehillath Israel Synagogue
Maher’s Dance Hall – 1938
Janice (Apple) Malett and Allen Apple
Children of Kehillath Israel Synagogue
Inside of Kehillath Israel Synagogue
Lakeside Ballroom
Main and Center Sts – 1800’s
Isaac (Michel) Kaplan and Anna (Finkel) Kaplan
Ishiah & Anna (Kaplan) Supowitz-Troy

Isador Kaplan, Webb Apple, Emanuel (Mendel) Harri,s Sara Supowitz, Bertha (Kaplan) Harris at Stone Mountain Manor
Isaac Kaplan, Anna (Finkle) Kaplan with Minnie Kaplan
Hy Cohen, Abbey Supowitz, Morris (Moe) Apple and Allen Apple
Inside of the Harris Bakery
Inside of the Harris Bakery
Inside of the Harris Bakery
Harris Bakery Window
Harris Bakery Window
Emanuel (Mendel) Harris with Harris Bakery Cake
Samuel Harris and Bertha (Kaplan) Harris inside Harris Bakery

Inside Harris Bakery
Sara (Harris) Malett inside Harris Bakery
Samuel Harris with Cake from Harris Bakery
Samuel (Sam) Harris with truck from Harris Bakery
Inside Harris Bakery Store
Inside Harris Bakery
Book by Sanford Aranoff
Inside Harris Bakery
Unknown at Girard Park on April 6, 1947
Cover of Frank Leslie’s Gazette – 1888 (Shenandoah Coal Riots)
Shenandoah Fire Building
Filipeks Bar – Circa 1938
Shenandoah Centennial Cake with John Ferguson and Frank Matunis (Mayor of Shenandoah)
Max and Fanny (Kaplan) Arnoff
Max and Fanny (Kaplan) Arnoff with Ben and Elaine Supowitz and Bruce Supowitz
Max and Fanny (Kaplan) Arnoff
Ellis and Sophie Supowit and Family
Ellis Supowit and Family – Circa 1947
Ben and Elain Supowitz at the Broadwood Hotel in Philadelphia on October 12, 1947
Edna Collins and Unknown
Phil and Abbey (Supowitz) Goldstein
Dr. Max Kaplan; Emanuel (Mendel) Harris, Sara Supowitz, Unknown, David Kaplan at Stone Mountain Harbor – Circa 1945
Dengler’s Club – Circa 1945
Dorothy (Harris) Pollack and Unknown
Building that current houses Oravitz Funeral Home
Community Center Boys Club – 1953/1954
Coal Strike – Circa 1902
Unknown Yearbook – Class of 1951
Charles Supowitz
Cincos on Lloyd Street – Circa 1945
Charles and Anna (Kaplan) Supowitz
Charles and Anna (Kaplan) Supowitz – Circa 1925
Charles and Anna (Kaplan) Supowitz
Captain Leon and Sara (Harris) Malett

Capitol Theatre Building
Jerome and Dorothy (Harris) Pollack
Unknowns at Brandonville Country Club – Circa 1945
Breaker Boys at the Kehley Run Colliery
Birthday Party at Shenandoah Jewish Community Center
BIrthday Party at Jewish Community Center
Jerome and Dorothy (Harris) Pollack with Emanuel (Mendel) and Ethel (Factor) Harris and Captain Leon and Sara (Harris) Malett and Bernie Factor Bar Mitzvah
Benjamin Supowitz with Sara Supowitz and Emanuel (Mendel) Harris – Circa 1944
Sarah Harris High School Graduation
Benjamin Supowitz – Honolulu, HI
Aron Kodesh of Kehillath Israel Synagogue
Aron Kodesh of Kehillath Israel Synagogue

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Anna (Kaplan) Supowitz, Abbey (Supowitz) Goldstein, Charles Supowitz, Fanny (Kaplan) Arnoff, Max Arnoff, Sam Harris at Stone Mountain Manor
Anna (Kaplan) Supowitz-Troy with Ben and Elaine Supowitz and Aubrey Supowitz
Abbey (Supowitz) Goldstein and Shirley Segal
Allen Supowitz and Anna (Kaplan) Supowitz
Anna (Kaplan) Supowitz, Abbey (Supowitz) Goldstein, Ben Supowitz, Sara Supowitz and Allen Apple – Circa 1947
Annie (Kaplan) Supowitz-Troy with Craig Supowitz – Circa 1985
Sara Supowitz, Robin, Walt Levi, Anna (Kaplan) Supowitz-Troy, Abbey (Supowitz) Goldstein and Cheryl Goldstein – Circa 1981
Allen Supowitz, Terry Supowitz, Robin Supowitz with Charles Supowitz
Ishiah and Anna (Kaplan) Supowitz-Troy – Circa 1969
Anna (Kaplan) Supowitz-Troy – Circa 1969
Abraham Zelig Kaplan
Anna (Kaplan) Supowitz-Troy with Walt, Sara, Terry and Robin Levi – Circa 1963
Charles and Anna (Kaplan) Supowitz-Troy with Elaine, Bruce, and Allen Supowitz and Walt, Sara, Robin and Terri Levi – Circa 1961
Charles Supowitz and Anna (Kaplan) Supowitz-Troy with Terry Levi- Circa 1950
Coal Strike – Circa 1920’s
Coal Miners from Shenandoah – Circa 1920’s
Refacing of St. George Lithuanian Church – Circa 1913
Samuel Harris with Ethel (Factor) Harris, Janice (Apple) Malett, Allen Apple, Emanuel (Mendel) Harris, Sara (Harris) Malett, Captain Leon Malett, Jerome Pollack and Dorothy (Harris) Pollack
View from Balcony of Main Sanctuary in Kehillat Israel
Aron Kodesh inside of Kehillat Israel
Aron Kodesh Inside of Kehillat Israel
Kehillat Israel Exterior
Jake Klitzner in front of Kehillath Israel